We must do everything we can to find an oil alternative

Over the weekend I was reading about all of the ongoing destruction to wildlife that the BP oil spill is causing.

According to an article in the Times, one million turtle hatchlings could be heading for the slick. And they could be slowly poisoned by the oil, as it is drawn to the seaweed they cling to in their early years.

This all follows reports that a sperm whale, an endangered animal, may have been killed as a result of the spill. The 25-foot-long creature was found dead with multiple shark bites 77 miles away from the oil.

And this is just two species out of so very many which have been disastrously affected. I haven’t yet mentioned the hundreds of birds and fish and other beautiful creatures which have been mercilessly killed.

I can’t say I’ve agreed with all of Obama’s speeches regarding this ecological disaster. His loaded-sounding ‘British Petroleum’ comments were reactionary and in my opinion showed him in one of the worst lights since he was elected as President.

He seemed to be saying purely what he felt the American public wanted to hear rather than thinking things through and speaking fairly with balanced thought for the ramification of his words.

But one thing I do agree with is his strong stance that we need to break our dependency on oil.

This spill has shown in a fast-forward, quick-result way the unfixable damage we are doing to our planet every day through the way we live. Becuase of our selfish dependency on things like cars and planes, innocent animals are now losing their lives.

In a similar way, but much more slowly, many species will slowly start to die out all together through global warming because of the way we treat the planet every day.

I am not innocent myself here. I have as much dependency on oil as the next person. I drive a car. I go on holiday by plane.

Bu these are such trivial actions. They are not about survival, they are purely about enjoyment. And yet so often we are seeing the price for such actions paid for with lives.

We must do everything we can to try and find a clean, viable alternative to oil. It is probably unlikely that we will manage this any time soon, but it is at least worth a shot. It is unrealistic however that we are all going to completely stop all activities which depend on using some form of generated energy.

It’s just so sad that yet again there are so many innocent parties having to suffer because of our selfish actions. So that we can go on holiday or get ourselves from A to B on a day to day basis animals have to lose their lives. And this just doesn’t seem in any way right to me.

By Sophie Hudson


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