Match review: England v USA

As someone who rarely watches a football match, I thought I would post my insights into yesterday’s England v USA World Cup game just to give a different perspective on the whole thing.

In a football match it seems there are so many characters, or players, and you are at such a distance from them on the screen most of the time, that it is difficult to really analyse their individual performance. Maybe with practice at watching football matches this would get easier. But I will try to analyse a couple of them here.

I am no football expert, but to my mind Green really didn’t mean to let that goal in, he tried his best, and to be honest I’m just left feeling quite sorry for him rather than angry that this mistake occurred.

He saved a number of other goals from going in and was clearly devastated that he did let one through. It literally seemed to slip through his fingers, and we’re all human and make little errors so I hope people are not too harsh on him.

Another individual I must mention is Heskey. I was watching the game with someone who informed me that usually he gets a lot of stick for not being terribly good, but in my humble opinion he seemed to be doing a lot of great stuff last night. The commentators kept mentioning him, and he got the ball closer to the goal on a number of occasions. He definitely seemed to be a key player in last night’s game.

The game in general was a far more exciting affair than I would have expected. I found myself becoming strangely patriotic. And whilst there was no moment as uplifting as when Gerrard scored his goal very early in the game, I have never felt such a momentary sinking feeling as when the USA kind of scored a goal.

The rules of the game did sometimes confuse me though.

Even though a few years ago someone gave me a great analogy about shoe shopping to help me understand the offside rule, I still found the whole thing rather complicated to get my head round yesterday. And was it just me or did the referee seem to be handing out a surprising amount of cards? He appeared to think he was playing a game of solitaire rather than football.

On the costumes, or kits, England wearing white seems to be a rather silly choice. They were getting numerous grass stains, especially on their socks, so looked really quite messy by the end of the match. It’s going to be a very tough cleaning job for someone as well. Maybe a stripy red and white outfit would have been a more sensible choice.

It was quite long. Maybe just by about 20 minutes. I think I’d be more inclined to watch it again if it was slightly shorter, as by about the 70 minute mark they were starting to lose my attention if I’m being honest.

Overall I found football match-watching to be a pretty enjoyable experience, and much more entertaining than I had expected. I even found myself yelling at the screen a few times, which I surprised myself with. I’m not totally sure I would call it a ‘beautiful game’ though, as I understand it is often called.

Even so, I am very much looking forward to watching our next game. Come on England!

By Sophie Hudson


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