My thoughts on the election

I’m not even sure where to start with this mess of an election, so I’m just going to write a few bullet points about the whole sorry debacle:

  • Off the top of my head these are some of the pretty obvious reasons why Thursday should have been an easy win for the Conservatives: Iraq, Tony Blair in general, constant ramblings by the Daily Mail and others about ‘broken Britain’, a Prime Minister we never voted for and never seemed to warm to in the slightest, bigotgate a week before the election, pretty much every national paper being against Labour, the expenses scandal, the Iraq War inquiry.
  • And if a hung parliament really is the best that Cameron can do under the circumstances then I think the result on Friday says a lot more about Tory unpopularity and their idiotic decision to put Cameron in charge than it does about Labour.
  • It is only angering the country further that Brown is not taking quick, decisive action now that he has had the chance to be voted in as Prime Minister, almost three years after he actually decided to take on the job, and has clearly not got the enough of the country’s support. He needs to do the right and honourable thing now and allow himself to be replaced as leader of the Labour party so that they can at least have a fighting chance of gathering together some power.
  • I was reading Nick Davies’ ‘Flat Earth News’ yesterday and suddenly realised that if he was rewriting the book now, he could add the story about Nick Clegg’s ‘popularity’ to his list of non-stories that the press waste our time with. I.e. this could be added to the ‘Millenium bug’ story, swine flu and other non-existant drivel that today’s ‘journalists’ write about even though there is close to zero truth in any of it.
  • Can we please not all jump on the proportional representation bandwagon just because it sounds different to what we currently have. If we already had this system in place, since Friday a certain racist party would have seats in the Houses of Commons.
  • Since when did politics turn into glorified PR? I wish someone wouldn’t be scared to stand up for what they believe in and would fight for it whether they thought it would make them Mr or Mrs Popular or not. One positive thing this election has shown me is that people are generally not stupid and when it gets to crunch time they will vote for what they know to be sensible and just. If there had been someone standing in this election who the people could see was honest, was standing for things they knew to be right, even if not popular and had a team behind them who could deliver on their promises, then I have no doubt in my mind that they would have won a majority.
  • If a polling booth is open from 7am to 10pm, don’t be lazy enough to turn up at 9:30 then try to blame someone else when it’s too busy for you to vote. It’s not ‘undemocratic’ in the slightest, you had 15 hours to practice democracy but you decided to leave it till the last minute when you knew perfectly well that there was a chance it would be too busy that close to closing time. It’s a good job the whole country didn’t take this approach or barely any votes would have been cast.

By Sophie Hudson


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