Mark Owen (who?) somehow manages to annoy me even more than Ashley Cole

If you read the gossip columns, and in some cases just the general headlines, you will have noticed that fidelity amongst celebrities has been in sharp decline over recent months. Or at least the privacy of the extra marital celebrity affair is in sharp decline.

And the stories about Tiger Woods, Ashley Cole and John Terry, none of whom seem to have the self discipline or decency to keep it in their trousers for more than five minutes the second their wife isn’t around, never fail to create fury all over the nation.

But today’s confessions, via the Sun (just what every self-respecting wife wants), from Take That’s Mark Owen (whose name I didn’t even know until today) about his “maybe ten” affairs, has got me angry on a whole other level.

My assumption, and indeed many other people’s, is that the reason he’s so gallantly come out with this confession is because one of these tarts he’s slept with has been threatening to do a kiss and tell. So he decided to beat them to it with his little therapy session via a national tabloid newspaper.

The excuse this time is drink. Obviously Tiger Woods beat him to the sex addiction excuse and Ashley Cole has already done the blame it on the mother-in-law one.

If drink meant you ended up in bed even once with a woman other than your wife then you pretty quickly need to do everything in your power to no longer drink again. From the sound of his excessive partying, he’s been doing anything but. And anyway, even if you continue drinking, it’s never an excuse for bad behaviour.

You are still the same person when you drink. Yes, your inhibitions die down a bit, but what actually surfaces is people’s true identities. You’re not taken over by another soul. You just have a decreasing regard for general social etiquette.

And if he couldn’t possibly stop himself from dropping his pants at every available opportunity then he should have had the courage to tell his wife about the situation a long time before now. That way she would have had the chance to either decide for herself if she could live with his betrayal or leave him in a dignified manner before the entire country found out about it.

As the saying goes, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Don’t just wander in and out of other people’s kitchens at leisure, taking whatever you want without a care in the world for what this might mean for the people you are supposed to love and respect.

And quite frankly, I have little-to-no belief in any of the so-called ‘excuses’ these cowardly men keep coming up with. They are some of the most highly-achieving people in the world at what they do for a profession. If they were able to exercise that much discipline to achieve so highly in their jobs, then surely they must also be able to exert enough of it to be able to stay faithful to their wives.

Mark Owen isn’t going to fool anyone, I hope. The bottom line is he’s been selfish and he’s been a coward. I do hope, for the sake of his children, that he manages to work things out with his wife and somehow becomes a better husband and father.

But I also really hope he gets the comeuppance he deserves for this behaviour and people don’t start feeling sorry for him just because he decided to beat one of his mistresses to it on the confessional front.

By Sophie Hudson


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