Review: The Brits 2010

So, it was the UK music’s ‘biggest night of the year’ last night. Oh yes, it was the Brits. And here are some of my personal high and low-lights of the evening:

Peter Kay

He was our host for the evening and was decidedly average. It didn’t seem like he wanted to be there, as he made numerous jokes about how really we should all be watching ‘Ice Road Truckers’ or the like. I know it’s only meant to be sarcasm, but when sarcasm like this is about all you can muster up in an average attempt to be funny, then it’s going to start looking like you are lazy and indeed, you didn’t really want to be doing this gig at all.

Far better than Horne and Corden’s dismal effort last year though and at least he bit back at Liam Gallagher. The former Oasis star threw both his mic and his award into the audience in some ridiculous attempt to look hard-core and instead just came across like a spoilt little brat. Kay got his description of Gallagher spot-on, look it up in The Sun.

Cheryl Cole

We were all waiting with bated breath for this one after yet more rumours of Ashley Cole’s despicable behaviour surfaced yesterday. Would she? Wouldn’t she? In the end she did perform but she didn’t wear her wedding ring.

A feisty performance, plenty of energy and yet again Cheryl proved that she is a talented dancer.  What on earth she is doing hanging about with that loser of a husband I have no idea. I’m sure she won over even more male fans last night so she’s hardly short of options.

Lady Gaga

The best performance and acceptance speeches of the night as far as I’m concerned. She did a very moving tribute to the late Alexander McQueen, looked fantastic (you should look that flamboyant if you’re in show business) and even though she won a massive three Brit Awards in one night she showed the most humility of anyone on that stage during the course of the evening.


They won two awards on the night and looked ecstatically happy. You actually found yourself smiling for them as you could see how much the accolades meant to them. I thought their performance was quite forgettable though, Beat Again is a dreary song and even they are starting to look a bit bored singing it.


An average evening. Not so bad that it makes me embarrassed to be British, as with last year, but not even close to the entertainment value of this years Grammys. Next year they need Ricky Gervais hosting and performances from Beyoncé, Britney and Madonna and Leona. Then they can call it the biggest night for UK music. Otherwise it just ends up looking like a sad loser to the X Factor final.

By Sophie Hudson


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