Article link: Out with homophobia in our workplaces

An article of mine about homophobia in the UK workplace has recently been published in Personnel Today, click here to read it.

The main message I would like people to take from this is to understand that this is a problem which although improving does still exist.

One of the things which was brought to my attention several times when I was interviewing people for the article was that not being homophobic seems to have become a bit of a ‘fashionable’ thing in recent years.

They said they were worried that when this fashion becomes a bit tired that people’s true prejudices will surface more obviously again and this, quite rightly, scares them.

We’ve therefore really got to work on our unnecessary prejudices as a society a lot more. They don’t do anyone any favours, not the people who hold the prejudices as my article hopefully points out, and especially not the people who are suffering purely because you have unnecessarily stereotyped them.

By Sophie Hudson


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