I haven’t considered myself a journalist for very long, but I’ve already begun to realise just how hated and discredited this profession often is.

Many journalists write articles to ‘name a shame’ people who don’t deserve this kind of treatment or they write with a range of serious inaccuracies that simply boggle the mind.

But if there’s ever been an example of why good quality, accurate and informative journalism is so very important, surely it is during the terrible devastation of the Haiti earthquake which struck recently.

Journalists across the world have been able to inform us of these terrible events so that we not only understand what is going on and maybe learn to appreciate just how delicate human life can be but most importantly so that we can see all the terrible devastation occurring in Haiti and this can result in people donating to charities such as the Red Cross so that as much aid as possible can get to these suffering people.

I know they are having a multitude of problems getting the aid through to the disaster victims, and I know you’re probably extremely busy with a million and one other things on your ‘to do list’ today as you read this, but please, please click here and donate what you can right now.

Even if it’s only £1 it WILL eventually make a difference to these disaster-struck humans. They’re not asking for much just water, food, shelter and medical help for now. Basic human rights. Things we take for granted every day.

By Sophie Hudson


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