Boris Johnson: the “knight on a shining bicycle”

I’m a big fan of Boris Johnson, mainly due to his hilarious one-liners, but there must be no bigger fan of our London Mayor today than his PR representative.

I’m not even totally sure if he has someone who soley manages his PR, but if he does, Boris’ valient rescue effort the other night in London, when he saved a woman from being attacked by a group of ‘hooded youths’, surely must have been a dream come true for his public image and has therefore made the job of his representation a whole lot easier for the next few months.

For those of you unfamiliar with the story, Boris was cycling home in North London one evening this week when he came across a woman calling for help as some hooded girls pushed her against a car, one of whom was holding an iron bar.

Boris ran over to help the woman and chased the girls away, allegedly calling them ‘oiks‘ as they fled (I can just imagine this!). Boris then came back to the woman and even insisted on walking her home.

On the one hand it is terrible that we live in a society where girls threaten to attack women with crowbars, but, putting this aside, on the other hand it is truly fabulous that we now have some superhero-branded Mayor!

And the fact that the woman he saved, Fanny Armstrong, has since proclaimed that she was an very active campaigner in voting for Ken Livingtone for the job of Mayor of London has also become a rather irrelavant. She’s since said; “If you find yourself down a dark alleyway and in trouble, I think Boris would be of more use than Ken”. Now, as cheesey as it sounds, London is down a rather darkalley at the moment, as is the rest of the country, so who would be better than Boris for helping us all thought this situation?

And what a great way to win round more voters ready for the next election! Save the really sceptical ones from near-attacks, and as well as porbably securing their vote in the furture, plenty of other people who were once on the fence will also now be won-round just from hearing about the heroic story.

All in all, the whole thing makes me proud to be British, as there really is no one more British than Boris Johnson.

By Sophie Hudson


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