Why does everyone hate Danyl??

I’m honestly so confused over the whole Danyl Johnson fiasco in this year’s X Factor.
Last week he was in the bottom two and almost booted out the competition all together. This was despite doing one of the best performance of the evening, as indeed I wrote myself. This week I even hear him saying on screen he saw someone write on Twitter that he is “more hated than Hitler”.
This is just astonishing. I know there have been a number of tabloid stories leaked which don’t convey him in the best light but there’s little evidence to back any of the stories up and quite often the people who have allegedly said these nasty things about Danyl’s character then act completely differently around him to how you’d expect.
Take for example the story in the News of the World a few weeks ago. Louis Walsh apparently said; “Danyl is vile. He’s everything I don’t like”. Then on the show he’s actually been quite nice to Danyl when it came to giving his comments. He even said this week that he hopes Danyl is still around next week. This isn’t the kind of thing you say to someone who is ‘everything you don’t like’.
Then there’s all the stories this week about how Danyl’s been bullying Stacey and, according to People, left her “in tears…with a vicious personal jibe”. Yet three days after this very report there are pictures of Danyl and Stacey side by side at Great Ormond Street looking “close to inseparable” according to the Daily Mail. So, either the “jibe” didn’t happen or it wasn’t half as bad as the papers have been saying.
Personally, I don’t feel one way or the other about Danyl, just like with many of the other acts. He’s not one of my favourites, incidentally these are Olly and Stacey, but at the same time I do think he is one of the best performers in the show and he certainly doesn’t deserve to leave the competition just yet.
On saying this, his performance this week (see below video for this) was well below what he’s usually capable of and it was incredibly uncomfortable to watch. He was really out of tune for the first part of the song and even seemed to forget his words about half way through. There was a moment where I honestly thought he might just give up and walk off the stage then and there. It was sad to see that it was all becoming too much for him.
Something rather strange is going on. Danyl seems to have become a national hate figure and doesn’t seem to have done anything in particular to deserve it. The only person who seems to be getting anything out of this is Gordon Brown, who must be very relieved that the nasty press jibes have finally been focusing their attention elsewhere for a bit.
Whatever’s going on, even if Danyl does have a bad side to his personality which isn’t clear on the screen, the press need to stop being such hypocrites and cease acting like bullys themselves. I wish they would leave the poor man alone and I would hope that if he does get voted out it is because he isn’t the best performer rather than simply being the contestant with the worst press.
By Sophie Hudson

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