The X Factor: Simon’s getting too smug

I never thought there would be any point in writing that Simon was ‘too’ smug, because that is exactly what seems to have made him a millionaire and one of the most recognisable names in show business.

But he started to push over the edge of acceptable smugness last week, and this evening he finally went a step way too far.

The reason this is a big deal is because it’s going to start to have a negative impact on his acts.

Already we have this bizarre situation where none of the other judges allow themselves to look even slightly excited about the best performer on the show this year; Danyl Johnson. He may come across as slightly arrogant at times but Danyl put on another brilliant performance this week. And to me this was the kind of performance which would usually get a standing ovation from all the judges alongside some very gushing comments from each of them.

Instead Simon was the only one who stood up at the end and the other three seemed like they were really having to force themselves to say something complimentary. I can’t help but wonder to myself what Danyl’s reception would be if he was being mentored by another judge.

I usually have a lot of respect for Simon’s opinion, and that’s usually because he is right. But I think he’s being too biased this year towards his own acts and it’s not doing him any favours. The opinions you usually respect most in life are those which are the most fair and objective, and Simon’s don’t seem to be anything of the sort this year.

And the way these judges behave does have an impact on their contestants, there’s no denying that. Just look at how easily little Lloyd seemed to get through last week after Cheryl’s small breakdown after his performance. In my opinion this, and indeed the way that Loyd went over to Cheryl to comfort her, had a very big impact on his success at being voted straight through to the next week, despite having one of the weaker performances of the evening.

So, I’ll be very interested to see who’s in the bottom two tomorrow night, and Simon will be very lucky if he doesn’t have any casualties. He needs to remember that we’re not watching the Simon Cowell show, we’re watching the X Factor. And the main point of the show each year is that we’re allowed to become very passionate about our favourite acts, without feeling like we could be exacerbating to Simon’s smugness.

By Sophie Hudson


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