The X Factor: Dannii ‘outs’ Danyl

So, in less than an hour we will be watching the first live results show of the X Factor finals. And we’ll be seeing if there’s any outfall from Dannii Minogue’s comments to contestant Danyl last night. I’m almost more excited to see what happens ragarding that incident than finding out the results themselves.

For those of you who missed out on all the drama, after Danyl Johnson performed last night (and the best performance of the night it was too, in my opinion), Dannii Minogue decided that it would be clever to make a comment regarding Danyl’s sexual preferences instead of making any decent attempt to critique his actual perfromance.

It’s been rumoured in the papers for weeks that Danyl is bisexual. I honestly can’t understand why on earth this is classified as ‘news’ but nevertheless there seems to have been a mild facination about the fact that Danyl may like men as well as women. Oh, the scandal.

So, on singing a song last night that is traditionally sung by woman, producers had clearly made a decision to change some of the wording so that Danyl would appearto be singing the song to a woman. Dannii Minogue however decided to question this decision afterwards, effectively ‘outing’ him in front of a live audience of millions.

I’ve heard outcrys on the radio today that Dannii deserves to be booted off the show for her comments. She was inappropriate, and yes it was a highly awkward moment of television. The audience at the show’s location seemed to go into a stunned silence and I’m sure most people watching at home were shuffleing around on the sofa just as uncomfortably as I was. I could barely bare to watch, but at the same time I was completely glued to the screen.

But, thinking about it all more rationally today, I’m just not sure why we need to make such a big deal out of everything these days. First of all, why we all need to make a big deal for weeks on end that Danyl may be bisexual. Secondly why Dannii needs to make such a big deal over it live on the show and now why we’re all making such a big deal about the fact that she said these things.

Anyone who’s a fan of the show can clearly see that Dannii is not a malicious person and from what I’ve been able to tell thus far, certainly not a homophobic. It seemed like just another of her awkward TV moments. And she’s been having plenty of them ever since becoming a X Factor judge, it’s just that this time she happened to hit on a very sensitive area of the social conscience.

But what will be interesting is the further outcry that may come in the next few days and possibly weeks. And purely from a social perspective, to see where we are as a society, if all of this is going to have any impact of Danyl’s sucess or lack of it in the competition. If it quite clearly does impact his chances of winning the competition in a negative way, then that will certainly be cause for a very much necessary stunned silence.

By Sophie Hudson


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