Kanye West’s antics continue to be blown out of proportion

Ok, so Kanye West’s now infamous interjection into Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech was rude and unneccessary but some of the backlash which is now occurring against West is nothing short of ridiculous.

The President has been allegedly quoted as calling West a ‘jackass’, Donald Trump has called out for a boycott of all things Kanye West and now there are even reports of American radio stations dropping all of his music from their playlists.

This is all in addition to numerous ‘tweet’s on Twitter from a whole host of different celebrities who all bashed West for his behaviour and called him every name under the sun.

West, for his part, has apologised twice for his behaviour on his blog, again in person on a US chat show and has even now reportedly called Swift herself to apologise directly to her. So, he’s already publicly apologised more times than Chris Brown did when he beat up, strangled and threatened to kill his famous then girlfriend Rihanna!

People really need to calm down. I think Kanye West’s actions were wrong and he shouldn’t have behaved in the way that he did, but enough is enough now. I think he, and anyone else who would ever feel tempted to do a similar thing has got the message that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable and not without consequences. And there’s been no lasting damage for Swift, who has got an outrageous amount of positive publicity through the whole incident. And as for Beyonce, she’s come out as the true heroine here, being called ‘classy’ a countless amount of times now.

And as for all of these conspiracy theories that the whole thing was a se-up, if it was then I think West may have been letting everyone know that it was by now seeing as how terribly wrong things have gone for him since the incident. And he hardly needed the extra publicity!

Oh and, in the spirit of not taking this all too seriously, have a quick laugh at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxKIcrDsJAs


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