Carrier pigeon wins in a race against internet

There has been many a day when the speed (or lack of it) of the internet has been the cause of desk hitting, snapping at colleagues, throwing sandwiches and general fury. We’ve been convinced into believing that the internet is the only way to deliver information quickly and when it lets us down we feel helpless and frustrated.

But when this happened to some office workers in South Africa, they decided to try something a little different and got a carrier pigeon called Winston to carry data between two offices. With the assistance of the good old fashioned pigeon they were able to transfer the data faster than when using their ADSL internet service.

In the race, which took place in Durba, the pigeon completed the delivery in the amount of time it took the service provider to deliver a measly 4% of the data.

Other quirky little newbites from the story include one of the rules of the race which stated that, in order to not have an unfair advantage Winston’s “birdseed must not have any perfromance-enhancing seeds within”.

So next time you’re about to loose your marbles over the speed of sending an email, do consider the alternative of a carrier pigeon to deliver the information. It seems that sometimes technology really can’t beat the old-fashioned ways.


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