More examples of human stupidity are unveiled

The utter stupidity, or maybe it’s more laziness, of certain members of the human race is today unveiled as police in Greater Manchester release recordings of some of their most unnecessary emergency calls.

In one, a man calls 999 because he left his jacket on a bus. In the recording the man actually says: “it’s nothing major”. Don’t call the EMERGENCY number then!!!

In another a woman calls 999 to tell them that she’s run out of credit on her phone. She apologises but says that she’s “had to phone emergency”. This would imply that she does actually understand what the word ’emergency’ means but has chosen to ignore that and clog up the lines with her ridiculous call anyway.

Yet another fool decides to call because he’s upset over his pay-out in a betting shop.

In all the examples I’ve read about not only have these people messed up by calling 999 but they’ve also done something stupid before making the call. One’s messed up by gambling (any sane person knows to avoid this), another has carelessly left his jacket on a bus (it really isn’t hard to gather your belongings before leaving a bus), another has not thought things through and allowed her phone become unable to make calls (this is the reason I’m starting to believe people should have a licence before having children, if you can’t keep up with feeding your phone, i.e. giving it some credit, then how on earth are you supposed to be able to look after another human being).

So I’ve come to the conclusion that what is necessary is an alternative line for these dim wits. Instead of clogging up the emergency lines there can be the ‘I’ve messed up’ line especially devoted to getting people out of sticky situations which they have found themselves in through their own stupidity.

The ‘I’ve messed up’ line can be payed for by all debit cards and NOT by tax payers money. Furthermore, those who do ring 999 for non emergency calls need to be fined. Most people who do so seem to be well aware that they shouldn’t be calling a number which is supposed to be dedicated to saving lives but have gone ahead and done it anyway. This suggests stupidity, laziness and selfishness and they need to be punished for it.

The only thing that impressed me is the patience of the people taking the call. If it was me I’d either be in hysterical laughter or yelling at them to get off the phone. But these people answering the calls seem able to remain calm yet firm with these idiots, dealing with their stupidity in an exemplary way. So maybe there’s still some small ray of hope for the human race.


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