Madonna releases new music video to the predictable sound of ageist comments

I really wish all the hateful, ageist people who came crawling back out the cracks at the release of Madonna’s new music video would go away. Some of my least favourite news publications have launched particularly scathing attacks on her latest video. Yes, she gyrates a lot, yes she’s wearing a very short dress, yes she’s videoed seducing her boyfriend. But what on earth do people expect? This is Madonna!
She’s not just some average 51 year old, taking it upon herself to sell all her dignity in order to grab some notoriety. She’s one of the most successful music artists in all of time. This is her job, a job in which she’s managed to stay cutting edge, entertaining and one of the best in the world at for more than three decades.
So she’s a little controversial. She’s a performer, so why is this is a problem? Only a handful of people will EVER be as successful as Madonna has been in her field. What do people want from the woman, a video of her knitting and making tea because she’s reached the grand old age of, dare I say it, 51?!!
Madonna is probably the nearest female musical and performing equivalent to Michael Jackson. There are plenty out there who probably regret all of their nasty comments about Michael Jackson whilst he was alive, failing to really appreciate all he did and was doing for the music world. Now, it’s about time we learn to appreciate those who are alive as well as what the deceased brought to all our lives.
And, for all those who whinge that Madonna is just trying to appear young and current, Madonna does not ‘attempt’ anything. She doesn’t need to. She’s Madonna. She’s practically a genre and era in her own right. A genre and era which is still blasted out in clubs and on the radio, and is still very much current and practically worshiped throughout the world.
You only have to watch her latest video without your bitchy hat on to see very clearly that no one does it like Madonna:

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