Why does our convenience take priority over an animal’s life?

I’m not trying to get all PETA on my readers but I’ve been doing a lot of driving recently and it’s continued to shock me just how many dead animals I am continuously driving past.
It makes me slightly embarrassed to be human when I see the stark reality that we put our transportation needs before the safety and indeed the lives of all these animals.
In a residential area, where a road goes through a village or town where people may be walking by the side of the road, or want to cross the road, the speed limit is almost always 30mph. However, the minute we shove a motorway or dual carriageway right through the middle of a forest, we seem to see no need to have the speed limit at any less than a careering 70mph, knowing perfectly well that on most of these kinds of roads people are travelling significantly faster than this speed and would find it very difficult to avoid hitting something if it stepped out in front of them.
According to figures published by The Royal Mail Group last year, over one million animals and ten million birds are killed on the UK roads each year.
Looking at these figures, we seem to be a very selfish species. It’s one thing to kill animals in order to eat them (I myself am a vegetarian, however I would certainly never judge the meat eating lifestyle) but its completely different when animals are needlessly killed in order for humans to relocate themselves from one part of the country to another.
If we’re going to kill thousands, if not millions of animals every year to build all of these ugly, disruptive roads straight through the homes of all these animals, then the least we could do is put together some sort of protection for them so they don’t go and step straight under the wheels of a massive lorry.
We seem to just assume it’s ok to not even try to offer them protection and think its our right to subject them to life-threatening danger. We’re basically saying that our day to day journeys are more important than their lives. A fence or some kind of barrier alongside all roads which are near to animal habitats would go a long way to reducing the number of animals killed on the roads each year. It would also present humans in a far more compassionate light, as a species which is able to use its intelligence to protect other beings in this world, especially from the horrific dangers we subject them to ourselves.

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