The Daily Mail: handle with caution

I’ve been trying to keep my mouth shut about The Daily Mail on my blog for a while now, but an article today has finally compelled me to break my silence.

‘Scared to death? The REAL worry is today’s culture of fear’, in The Daily Mail today, is perhaps the most hypocritical article that I have ever read.

The article starts out with an inevitable rhetorical question, this time asking: “Do you ever feel as if The Authorities are doing their damnedest to scare us all to death?”

No, not particularly. But I have felt shaken to the very core by a number of the Mail’s inflammatory headlines over recent weeks.

For the first time in a perhaps the entire existence of swine flu, the Mail highlights in this article the fact that so far “two deaths solely [have been] caused by the swine flu virus”.

On THE SAME DAY (oh yes, Daily Mail, I can capitalise to try and create hysterical drama too), another article about swine flu in the paper reads; ‘Doctors face ‘playing God’ over who lives or dies if swine flu overwhelms NHS’.

Here the Mail writes that “the disease has claimed 30 lives”. No mention of ‘two deaths solely’ now.

Later on in the article, hidden well beneath the inflammatory, terrifying remarks at the top, The Mail states that the report which insinuates this terrifying prospect “was published at the start of the swine-flu crisis in April” and that the plans are “unlikely to see the light of day”.

Throughout the swine flu ‘crisis’ and also during many other news stories, the Mail has continuously utilised this approach to lure its readers in. They may argue that they are only stating the facts, but actually I would argue that they are using often very irrelevant facts just to stir up hysteria and get a bit of attention. This in turn leads people astray by making them focus on facts that are extremely bias.

The fact that they then had the audacity to publish an article today which puts the spotlight on the authorities for trying to ‘scare us all to death’, is perhaps in itself even more inflammatory than the Mail’s daily headlines.

The Daily Mail does nothing but stir up a ‘culture of fear’. In fact, I personally fear that they are the very backbone behind this culture. But for anyone who is a big Daily Mail reader I really hope they at least try to water down what they read by also checking the facts in a less inflammatory news source. Otherwise, they will indeed live a lifetime of fear loaded stress, and I heard – somewhere- that high blood pressure could be fatal when combined with swine flu. (Tone: sarcastic).

Oh, and I do realise that I could just not read The Mail, but it can actually be quite entertaining, even if infuriating, to read such a ridiculous take one the news; I just hope that everyone who reads it realises just how ridiculous it is.


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