Chris Brown – finally – apologises

I feel like, having posted on this incident this before, I need to address the fact that Chris Brown has now released a video in which he apologises for beating up, strangling and threatening to kill his ex girlfriend Rihanna.
This is the first public apology we have seen from the singer since the incident occurred back in February. Some would argue that it is not the public he needs to apologise to. I would agree in some ways. But he does state in the video that he has apologised to Rihanna, which, rightly so, was for more of a priority than apologising to the public.
But he did need to apologise to us too. He is a public figure, and with that comes a lot of responsibility. His fans, who have spent money on his music and shows, felt let down. There were no doubt many parents who felt worried that one of their children’s role models was behaving in such terrible, violent way. If he wants fame and fortune, he needs to step up and realises that you will only be privileged with that if you behave in a decent way.
Yes, there are many celebrities who behave in indecent ways, but look at where they are now. Last time I checked, the Lidsay Lohans and Amy Whinehouses in this world were slowly fading into obscurity. And Chris Brown committed an act far worse than getting drunk or taking drugs.
From the video, it seems like he is certainly very hopeful that we will all be forgiving and forgetting as soon as possible.
Things like this are a tough one to call though. On the one hand, this just screams of a situation where an apology really isn’t enough.
No matter how sincerely he tries to look into the camera during this apology, you can’t help but have flashbacks to the frightening pictures of Rihanna’s face after he repeatedly punched her.
Again, there really is no excuse for such horrific behaviour. Especially when the damage is done by someone who is so much more physically powerful than his victim, as the victim will have no way to defend themselves adequately.
On the other hand, he is twenty and maybe there is a small possibility that he genuinely realises he made a terrible mistake and he really will now do everything in his power to ensure that he never commits such a heinous act again.
Maybe as a society we need to be able to give people second chances if they really do seem remorseful and determined to make amends and never repeat their mistakes.  
The cynic in me feels like half the reason he looks so remorseful is that he’s suddenly realises that he has no fame, money or indeed career without the support of the public, many of whom have quite rightly completely turned against him. I think Chris Brown is going to be a very lucky man if he is ever a popular recording artist again. His is a job that depends on his likability, after all.
Regardless, if anyone is ever going to be expected to even consider forgiving this woman-beater, it will only be after a lot of time has passed, and he has proven during this time that he is indeed a changed man. It isn’t just about Chris Brown and Rihanna, it’s about society as a whole showing to each other that we all believe behaviour like this is unacceptable and should be duly punished and not easily forgiven, if ever.

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