Filipino inmates create a very moving tribute for Michael Jackson

If you have ten minutes to spare today for a bit of reflective thinking then take a look at this: 

I watched it all the way through yesterday and was utterly mesmerised by it. It is a video of those inmates at the Philippine prison (first made famous by this video, dancing to Thriller: this time doing a routine that pays tribute to Michael Jackson. 

The whole routine lasts about ten minutes, and during this ten minutes all of these inmates, 70% of whom are allegedly in there for some of the most horrific of crimes, show nothing but respect, dedication and complete discipline. 

You have to keep reminding yourself that these are people who have had a hard time abiding by some of the most basic of rules in our society. Some of them have even taken another human life away themselves. 

According to an article I read about them in the NY Times, dance has actually become part of the rehabilitation process at this prison, and it has indeed had some very positive results on the inmates. 

But whether or not some dancing is part of their daily routine nowadays is not necessarily important here, what is important is the incredible obedience and restraint all of these criminals manage to show for ten minutes. 

And it is not just for these ten minutes, a routine this long must have taken hours to put together. They seem to be working as one big team during this, showing their complete respect for another human being in one collective force. 

It really is a very moving video and seems to have many who watch it in tears. 

I’m not saying that this proves that any of these criminals is a good person, nor am I indeed insinuating that a criminal is incapable of showing discipline; what is remarkable though is how completely opposite they are behaving to the way society would perhaps expect so many inmates on mass to behave. 

It seems like deep down, underneath all the rubbish some of us are capable of dealing out to the world, underneath the excuse we call ‘character’ or ‘personality’, we all have a soul that is made up of the same stuff, human stuff. And we know when it is time to put our own ego aside and demonstrate complete respect towards the demise of another human being.


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