Could Michael´s death spell the death of print journalism?

Friday morning was a very poignant time for the state of journalism, print journalism in particular.
We were all waking up to the sad and shocking news that Michael Jackson had died. Some of us would even have heard about it just before we went to sleep the previous night.
But for anyone who trotted off to get the paper on Friday morning, in Europe at least, you would not have been greeted by any headlines about his death.
It was kind of surreal actually. We were all talking about one of the biggest stories of the decade, and not one paper was even able to mention it.
Obviously there are practical reasons why this was the case, but in a day and age when we are used to getting up-to-date news by the minute, or even second, these practical reasons really shone a spotlight on just how old fashioned print is beginning to look.
It was of all places that broke the story of Micheal´s death to the world. A gossip site broke the story that all the ´high brow´respected titles and news rooms would have fought to break. And the most ironic thing is that, because they are seen as just some, often unreliable gossip site, no one else wanted to publish the news themselves for at least an hour, while they all scrambled to verify whether it was true.
In fact, even another gossip site, Perez Hilton, started claiming that he didn´t believe the news was true at first. A claim he has now, quite embarrassingly, had to retract.
We are therefore reaching a point where we may need to start taking some of the major breaking headlines of our day from gossip sites rather than the normal respected news outlets.
It´s no good being a snob about news, at the end of the day, with this fast paced society we are living in, often knowledge really is power, and if the print titles are incapable of giving us that power even ten hours after an event has occurred, then we are going to soon need to find other ways of finding out what is going on in our ever changing world.

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