RIP Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has died of what is believed to have been a heart attack.
This is one of those deaths where, even if you do not personally know the person, you feel deeply saddened. That is because the world knows that we have lost a truly brilliant man.
His death means that there is now no possibility that he will be able to release another one of his timeless singles, star in another of his classic music videos, entertain millions in one of his brilliant shows, in a way that only he can entertain, and above all be present in this world as a unique human being, and perhaps most sadly, as a father to his children.
Michael Jackson changed music forever. In years to come, in music classes and conversations across the world, he should be treated with the same respect as Mozart or Beethoven.
Younger artists today are still continually copying his music style, his dancing, his way of performing. None of them do it the way Michael did it though. It´s a half-hearted attempt at best, and, if anything, every time someone does it, we are only all reminded of just how brilliant, unique and terrifically talented Michael Jackson is, or now was.
As a person, he seemed to be plagued by mental and physical problems, all of which were played out in the harsh spotlight of a society obsessed with celebrity, and he was possibly the biggest celebrity of them all.
Judgements have continually been passed on a man who was accused of one of the most horrific of crimes. But, proven innocent, he was a survivor, supported by loyal fans throughout and able to release more successful singles after the event, despite such bad publicity.
I remember watching one of his documentaries a few years ago. He came across as a man who really had been chewed up and spat back out a number of times over, but underneath all of this was a good heart, and a gentle, deeply artistic character.
For someone who achieved so much, I felt sad for him, perhaps because it was clear how much he was having to struggle through life, while we all got so much enjoyment out of what he had achieved and produced.
With the great loss of such a special human being, the fact that his concerts at the O2 are not going ahead is irrelevant. All that is relevant is that, due to finality of what has occurred, there is no chance for this wonderful man just to be present in all of our lives any more, which is particularly sad for those who knew him personally. He will live on in our hearts, memories, stories and in history forever though, and his music and these memories will never cease to exist; that is perhaps one small silver lining to a very dark cloud today.
So, RIP Michael Jackson. And I mean that more than ever in this case; I truly hope you can finally now find some much deserved peace, wherever you have gone.

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