Book Review: ´The Devil and Miss Prym´by Paulo Coelho

I bought this book not realising that it was the third in a trilogy, and because I enjoyed it so much nevertheless, I am now planning on reading the first two books.
´The Devil and Miss Prym´ is an exploration of whether humans are essentially good or evil. This exploration is completed through the telling of a story, that reads a bit like a fable.
I don´t really want to give much else away, as it is such a charming tale, and the enjoyment really is taken from reading it and becoming immersed in it yourself.
And this is classic Coelho. It has enough philosophy to really make you think, it teaches you facts and past stories that you will find yourself recounting to friends and family over the dinner table and it really draws you into the central chracters´ journeys; it´s full of suspense and leaves you intrigued to see where Coelho is going to take these characters.
It makes sense too. It´s a satisfying ending, one which leaves the reader at peace, believing that this is the way humans would behave if this situation played out in reality.
Overall, this is a very clever little tale and I am very much looking forward to reading it´s predecessors. Once I have, I shall review the complete trilogy more thoroughly.
P.S. I am currently on a mission to read all of Coelho´s books. I shall review each of the ones I read since having started this blog. And once I have completed all of them, I shall compile a list showing which of his books I would most recommend reading, for anyone who is interested in trying his novels.

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