Laziness is the product of intentions which are not realised in a circumstance where they could have been

This is just going to be a short one, but I really picked up on something Edith Bowman said on Radio 1 today.
She was talking about how it’s the start of Wimbledon today. And she mentioned how Wimbledon always reminds her of how she’s always meant to learn how to play tennis. She said that intending to start playing tennis was just one of those things in life that many of us plan to do at some point “this summer” or “this year” but it just never seems to end up happening.
It’s all very well Edith Bowman saying this and feigning an aura of guilt over not executing these wistful plans. But she’s a successful radio DJ and a mother as far as I’m aware. She’s got plenty going on and I’m guessing it would be hard for anyone in her position to try and take up a new hobby like tennis and be able to dedicate the necessary time to it to make decent inroads into the sport.
However, her comments did remind me of what I consider is one of the worst traits in human beings. It’s the lazy trait.
If you intend on doing something, then for goodness sakes, do it! Yes, the majority of us have more than enough time in the day to start fitting in a work out at least three times a week. Yes, most of us could certainly spare an afternoon at least every other weekend for seeing various family members who we have constantly neglected to spend time with over the years.
Having intentions means nothing in life as far as I’m concerned. We are living in the moment; we don’t actually exist inside our heads, as much as many people would like to believe that their internal perception of their lives is in fact the external reality.
Life takes effort, and all these good intentions will actually only make you feel guilty and heavy in the long run if they don’t become something concrete and an actual experience. So, for anyone who’s feeling inspired by Wimbledon over these next couple of weeks, and is thinking how easy it looks and that they could definitely be the next Andy Murray, then please go and do something about it. Unless you consider yourself to be busier than someone who is a mum as well as doing a job that entails publicly addressing the entire nation for a couple of hours every day then there really is no excuse!

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