The Apprentice – Yasmina’s hired

So finally we have our winner! And, I know it’s easy to say this after the event, but of the two finalists, Yasmina genuinely was my favourite.
I think she is a very worthy winner of The Apprentice. Yes, she is rough around the edges, but I think this is part of her authentic charm. She has a lot to learn and there is a lot of improvement to be done, but the basic business acumen, shrewdness and people skills are there, and she certainly seems excited to try and become the best apprentice Sir Alan has ever hired.
Kate was also a very strong candidate. However, Sir Alan certainly made the right decision not to hire her. By the end of this week, I was still left worried about just how authentic she is, and if this bubbly, get along with everyone attitude would actually last forever. Perhaps this is because it isn’t that real, or perhaps this is because, by her own admission, she never really let her guard down with anyone on the show, but either way I think this is part of the reason why Sir Alan maybe did not feel totally comfortable to welcome her into his organisation.
On the final task itself, they both did an impressive job. Both ideas were fun, original and had flair. But the problem with Kate was that she failed to realise what the most important parts of the task were to get right. She didn’t prioritise properly. Cost should have been one of, if not the, most important decision to get right. She was so focused on the fact the Debra was telling her the expensive chocolates tasted good that she allowed her price to sky rocket and this pushed her product out of the mass market category.
Yasmina, however, stringently stuck to the price that she was determined to sell her product for. She either consciously realised, or had the natural business acumen to just know, that something like product price just cannot be negotiated on when coming up with the strategy for a new product launch, and I think this task really managed to demonstrate this innate difference between the two finalists and showed why Yasmina was the worthy winner.
As if Sir Alan really cares about whether the chocolate taste had been perfected in the space of two days, and without either team having the chance to actually taste the finished product before the ‘launch’ night. As a businessman he is going to be far more concerned about the product’s price and whether it has a viable strategy behind it.
So, I think Sir Alan has found a worthy apprentice, and therefore, despite my whinging about the (low) quality of the candidates in week one, it seems that this process may have been worthwhile for Sir Alan to partake in after all.
And as a TV show it has certainly been entertaining for the past twelve weeks. I have many favourite moments, and there have definitely been quite a few characters who will be very hard to forget. James, Philip (who was still mentioning that disastrous pants man for some reason this week) and Ben to name a few.
I am already very much looking forward to next year. There will certainly be a void in the show with Margaret’s departure, however now I am equally excited to see who they are going to replace her with, as well as finding out who the new candidates will be and which characters we will be able to criticise each week, as we sit behind our screen on the sofa, while they run about in all conditions, attempting to complete ridiculous tasks, some of them struggling through almost ten interview stages in the desperate hope of working for Sir (or will it be ‘Lord’ by this time next year?) Alan Sugar.

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