The Apprentice – our (female) finalists are revealed

So the long awaited final is tonight!

Last week’s interview episode was, as usual, entertaining, and I think the best two contestants managed to get through to the final.

James may complain about being seen as the ‘joker’ but if he finds that assumption so annoying then he should really stop behaving like he does. I have been a fan of James since week three, however in week two, when he first came to our attention, I wrote about his lack of people skills in the boardroom and his clumsy behaviour. Well, sadly, often first impressions seem to be correct, and it was exactly these characteristics which were responsible for his demise in the end.

This is not to take anything away from the fact that he must have done an awful lot right in the last ten weeks though, as he made it to the ‘semi-final’ and Sir Alan clearly found it hard to fire him.

Lorraine’s beloved ‘instinct’ has now become more ridiculous and annoying than Ben’s frequently mentioned and useless ‘scholarship to Sandhurst’. I think this week, in many ways, showed that perhaps she should have been fired a while ago. She didn’t perform very well under the stress of an interview and I think she may have performed even more poorly under the stress of working for Sir Alan’s organisation.

As for Debra, the biggest shock of the week is that she is only 23! And in all fairness, I think again this week she gave a far improved performance compared to previous weeks. I do think she has some growing up to do, which now I am no longer under the impression that she is 35, I can clearly see she has the time to do. Once she realises that she will get the best out of people by treating them with a little respect, then I agree with Sir Alan, and do now think she has the potential to go far.

I shall reserve judgement on Yasmina and Kate until after tonight. I do have a favourite out of the two, and, no matter who wins I will (honestly) let you know this favourite my next post. I will be counting down the minutes until 9pm tonight!


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