Britain really does have talent

Watching last night’s Britain’s Got Talent final, cliche as it sounds, made me proud to be British.
Amongst a group of highly entertaining, talented performances, Diversity did indeed totally steal the show. I was literally open-mouthed when I watched them. I even voted for them, which I never do with these shows.
Ashley, the choreographer from Diversity, is now guaranteed a lifetime’s work choreographing videos and shows and is sure to develop into one of the most recognised choreographers of his generation. He certainly demonstrated the ability and the talent to reach those heights throughout this series of BGT, putting together three different, exciting and truly unique performances one after the other.
What made Diversity stand out from the crowd was not only the fact that they are clearly all tight dancers, it was that they put on a captivating show, which left the audience in awe, laughing and wanting to watch more. In particular, I love the way they created robot-like creatures with their bodies on the stage, and when they cleverly recreated the famous BGT buzzers.
The only thing I’d change about the whole thing is the headlines in all the papers today. In a typical British media fashion, the emphasis was truly on the negative, with headlines alluding to the fact that Susan Boyle’s dream is now ‘over’. (Apart from anything else, it is far from over, and anyone with half a brain can see she’s sure to release her first album within the next year).
Instead, it would have been refreshing and rightful to see Diversity on the front pages this morning, with the concentration of media attention on how proud we should be to call them British and giving them the praise and publicity they truly merit.
But still, in the spirit of focusing on the positive, I am delighted that Diversity deservedly won Britain’s Got Talent 2009 last night. That routine was the result of a huge amount of effort, practice, good hard graft, and a lot of creativity and above all, talent.

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