The Apprentice – Sandhurst’s most famous scholar finally gets the boot

In a week almost as satisfying as when Philip was fired, Ben left our screens for good on Wednesday.

He must have been left somewhat baffled by the fact that his, now infamous, scholarship to Sandhurst didn’t enable him to win The Apprentice. It does seem to be the only notable thing that he’s ever achieved; I couldn’t quite believe it when this UNUSED scholarship was brought up again on Wednesday, and it was the only concrete example Ben could give as proof of why Sir Alan should hire him.

At least he’s gone now though and of the remaining candidates I think its beginning to become obvious that as well as my two remaining favourites, Howard and James, that there are also two remaining women who would be very worthy winners of this competition now, and they are Kate and Yasmina.

There’s no doubt about it, Kate seems to be one of the most charming people on TV at the moment. Whether or not it is genuine remains to be seen, and is quite frankly irrelevant.  Just a few weeks ago she had a disastrous task under Lorrain’s leadership and they had an almighty fall out in the boardroom. Well, almighty by Kate’s standards, perhaps not by Lorraine’s, who seems to have fallen out with everyone at some stage. However, all differences were put aside this week and Kate even complemented Lorraine’s leadership in the boardroom.

Yasmina is also a force to be reckoned with. She’s very shrewd, she says it like it is and she always stands up for herself, with a lot of strength but not too much aggression. I think she is one to watch, her only problem has been that she is not as likable or memorable as some of the other candidates.

Elsewhere, there is Lorraine, who has managed to hang on in there, and after a number of close scrapes is still in the running to become Sir Alan’s next Apprentice. She is slightly scatty but she is putting in an impressive effort. However, her problem is that she relies on her, often not completely reliable, ‘instinct’ as her biggest strength.

When it isn’t entirely on track, which something as whimsical as ‘instinct’ can often fail to be, this can sometimes leaves her looking a bit useless. I think she was very lucky this week that the other team were stupid enough to choose that rocking-horse (I mean, honestly), if they hadn’t, her choice of the buggy, again dictated to her by ‘instinct’ could have been a disaster.  

However, the only person left now who I would be extremely disappointed if they won is Debra. Why on earth Sir Alan decided to openly ignore Nick and Margaret’s advice and not fire her is beyond me. The only plausible reason I can think of is that he wanted to take the opportunity to fire Ben. Sir Alan certainly seems to be expecting something great from Debra eventually; he needs to quickly realise this is never going to happen.

So, just three more weeks to go. And, fingers crossed, I think we would be in for a very interesting semi final ‘interview’ episode between Howard, James, Kate, Yasmina and Lorraine.


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