Susan Boyle – and so the inevitable (unjustified) backlash begins

Wow we’re a fickle lot. In the space of just a few short weeks headlines about Susan Boyle have gone from the word ‘angel’ to the word ‘backlash’. The show hasn’t even reached its finale yet and already we’re all turning against the woman like somehow all of what has happened is her fault and she has let us down in some way by being a bit nervous when she performed again on Sunday.

Susan Boyle was never about the amazing voice!!! Why on earth don’t people seem to understand that?! She’s no Mariah Carey! The whole reason she shot to fame likeshe did was because we were all open-mouthed at the way that we all presume how talented someone is going to be based purely on looks/ personality.

Let’s face it, before she first sang we all thought she was going to be dreadful and that she’d be another laughing stock who was soon forgotten. But then she gave a very proficient performance. It was the apparent contradiction between the way she looked and the sound of her voice that has made her famous, and until now the firm favourite to win the show. Just because we’re all too stupid to realise this, and have now felt ‘let down’ by her second performance that is not her fault and she certainly doesn’t deserve such negativity over it. Leave the poor woman alone and let’s just wish her plenty of luck for Saturday.

Honestly, compared to some of the other rubbish we’ve had to sit through in the semi-finals so far, I think Susan Boyle is one of the contestants who deserves all this jibing least.


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