I’d like to be (more like) a Mediterranean

I sometimes wonder why it’s honestly so hard for us to live healthy lives in the UK. I know some people do, but healthy living generally seems so much harder in England than it does elsewhere. Is it really only the weather that makes it so dreary?

I tend to spend as much time as possible each summer in the Mediterranean. Majorca is often the favoured location. And for those of you who stereotype Majorca by Magaluf – full of beer-bellied, hard-partying, pale/lobster-red (depending on how long ago they arrived) British tourists, please reconsider this, visit the rest of the island, and you’ll be able to see just how beautiful it is. It would be like stereotyping the whole of England by what Blackpool is like.

Anyway, even a visit to the bank the other day was stress-free in Majorca. There were no queues, the lady behind the screen didn’t appear to be harassed (in fact she was wearing jeans!) and overall it was a simple, pain-free experience and I didn’t sigh to myself even once.

Then there’s the snacking situation. There’s been many an afternoon in England when I have felt a strong desire for a chocolate biscuit with my tea. In the Mediterranean that doesn’t seem to happen. In fact, the only thing my body craves is fruit. In England, fruit often doesn’t seem to taste of much, here it is juicy and funnily enough ´fruity´.

Finally, there’s the fresh air in the Mediterranean. In London, fresh air (this is perhaps a mis-statement, I should probably say “In London, going outside…”) generally consists of a strange, unpleasant smell and the knowledge that all you are breathing in is smog and fumes. Here, fresh air really is just that; fresh! I realise that in other parts of the UK there is plenty of freshness to the air but often the great outdoors is missed out on because of the freezing, cloudy, rainy weather. We all too easily use this as an excuse to spend hour after hour locked away inside.

When I get back to England I’ve decided I’m going to make a real effort to live the Mediterranean way of life wherever possible. More fresh salads, paella, venturing outdoors, smiling at people I don’t know on the street and generally being more upbeat and healthy and not scowling at everyone.

Failing that, I will just go home and really enjoy and appreciate fast internet, a phone line (apparently they’ve ´run out´ of these in Majorca and there’s a waiting list – what?!!!) and being able to go for a run at any time of the day without being burnt to a crisp. Ok, so there are some upsides to living in the UK.


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