Katie and Peter – Britain´s most public couple want privacy

So, Katie Price claims to have been keeping a “dignified silence” over her separation with Peter Andre. However, the funny thing about dignity is that once you display a complete lack of it, it is difficult to then announce that you have any and for people to admire you for it.

Katie can’t spend her life until now posing semi-naked in magazines for years, and talking openly and often very graphically about her sex life with her husband and then try to publicly take the high road when it suits her. If she’s as intelligent and savvy as she often claims to be, she cannot honestly expect anyone to take her seriously now.

It is sad though. If indeed this separation is for real, as Peter has announced it is today, and it does lead to divorce, clearly, as most people in this situation would, after years in the limelight they are suddenly craving privacy in order to be able to deal with a very painful situation. And who wouldn’t at such a time – divorce is an extremely difficult thing for anyone to go through, especially when there are such young children involved.

But because they have been so very open about their lives, making reality show after reality show, and in fact with Katie often marketing her main selling points as being open and honest with the public, it is going to be very hard for them to get any privacy. In fact, this ´private´ separation hasn’t been out of the headlines since it was first announced.

One of the most ironic articles I have read recently was when The Sun, which Katie and Peter have used numerous times over the years for self-publicity, first announced the separation. The paper published Katie and Peter’s publicist’s statement, which read that they would like to be given ´privacy` at this difficult time. Directly underneath the statement The Sun asked its readers if anyone knew any more about the split and gave an email address and phone number for those with any information.

They are being burned by the very thing that has generated enough money to put (very expensive) food in their mouths; gossip columns and public interest. And they can’t possibly expect the public not to be interested in the break up of, arguably, the most famous couple in Britain. After all, for years they have relentlessly been trying to make themselves become exactly this.


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