Can nothing shock us anymore?

I really don’t want to use the ‘f’ word in my blog, there’s plenty of time for that to happen, but I can see that with this post it’s going to be difficult not to…

In a world where people frequently make complaints about the ‘PC’ nature of our society, and indeed I am often one of these people, I am, ironically, rather shocked sometimes at society’s lack of shock.

The thing that’s bought this post on is listening to Britney Spears’ new song this weekend on the radio. I’d heard the song before, but until yesterday genuinely had no idea what the meaning of ‘If You See(k) Amy’ was meant to be. Luckily someone less naive was at my side when I was wondering this outloud and re-said the title to me in a way that made the meaning clear.

To be honest I was not particularly shocked at first, and I’m still not shocked in the way that all of Britney’s managers and producers would like me to be. My first reaction was actually to shake my head and feel quite sorry for the woman. What woman in her late twenties, with two young sons would, in their right mind, ever want to sing that? She’s not the 15 year old teen pop star she once was when she released her first single, and there is no way that someone of her age should be singing this to her young fans.

Secondly, why on earth is such a song being belted out on the radio on a Sunday afternoon? I’m no prude, but the only thing I have found shocking about the whole thing is the complete lack of reaction from the public. Are we so jaded by all of the graphic, nasty, crude news and images we are pelted with every day that we’re happy to let a phrase like this slip through the cracks and be sung to children on a pleasant afternoon? Has no parent been asked the obvious awkward question yet by their child (the song makes no sense if you take it at its literal meaning), or horrifyingly heard their nine year old pelting out the song and gone straight to the relevant authority to complain about it?

My fear is that with news of stabbings, teen pregnancies, rapes, terrorism etc etc, we’ve become a society where we don’t think it is worth making a complaint about something like this. It’s kind of a needle in one mess of a giant haystack. But, this is something that was so easily avoidable. It could just have been banned from our radio stations and the album could have been marked as explicit (maybe it is, I for one do not own the album) and then none of the children in our society would be singing along to such a crass song and one tiny part of their moral demise would have been avoided.

We really need to remember who we are as a society and try, even slightly to hold on to that. Playing a song like this in front of very young children and allowing this to be ok could potentially have very damaging consequences when mixed with all of the other evils in today’s society. It may seem petty by itself, but allowing the phrase ‘f-*-*-* me’ in a song played on daytime radio is very dangerous, and certainly shocking in my view.


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