The Apprentice – Philip gets his knickers in a twist

So, it seems that all is definitely not fair when it comes to The Apprentice and the board room. A system is definitely flawed when it leaves Noorul still in the running whilst Kimberly is fired.


I realise Kimberly is partly to blame for the unjust state of affairs, having brought the wrong two people into the board room with her. But even if she had elected to bring in Noorul, I can’t help but feel that yet another unjust part of the board room would have prevailed and Noorul would still had stayed, with Kimberly being blamed for using ‘tactics’ and not selecting the people who truly were responsible for the failure of that particular task.


Elsewhere, Lorraine decided it was time to show some backbone this week. However, unusually, maybe it would have been best for all of us if she had just stayed quiet. You know that people have zero likeability when it is clear that they are right about something but the way they tell everyone about it afterwards just makes you want to side with the people who were in the wrong. All is not lost though, as the minute they start to whinge too much (Ben, Philip, Noorul etc) you know that their number is up, and personally I don’t see Lorraine hanging about much longer.


Philip really disappointed me this week, and I feel regretful for not trusting my instincts with this one. In the first couple of weeks it was clear what a whining, big-headed pot of negativity he was, but then he put on a good show in the last couple of weeks and I’d started to think that maybe I had judged him a little too harshly. How wrong I was.


The old “well at least he was doing something” excuse keeps cropping up about him from various people, but to me this really is not always a good thing. To my mind, the ‘something’ he was doing this week was being directly responsible for his team failing the task. True, Kimberly was far too disorganised. But it was Philip’s ridiculous ‘pants’ idea is what lost them the task overall and his constant ‘threats’ about the way he would behave if his team didn’t do as he said and go along with his ideas brought team spirits down and was a pain for the viewer to have to watch.


Howard clearly thinks he is far too good for all of this nonsense. His attempt at breaking the tension between Lorraine and Philip was done in the same vain as a headmaster breaking up two kids fighting in the playground. He might be sensible, but can he integrate well into a group of people? He needs to be careful in the coming weeks that he doesn’t push this too far and just come across as patronising to the other contestants. However, for now he is one of my top three favourites to win (I will decide on the other two in the next couple of weeks).


Kate did a decent job leading the other team. She seems to keep calm and people like her, I’m just not sure if the ‘wow’ factor is there enough. Additionally, every time I am about to compliment her shrewdness I keep having flashbacks to the time when she wasn’t sure what a bellini was and made a right hash-up of the meeting she was in. I hate to be a pessimist but I’m going to need to see her perform well in a few more tasks before I have any real confidence in her.


There’s little to say about Ben this week, luckily he dressed up in a parrot suit and, more or less, stayed out of the way. Long may it continue.


So, yet again we wait with baited breath for Wednesday evening. And if I’m not writing about how Noorul has finally been fired this time next week then I am going to start getting extra cynical and may even start presuming that, in a Big Brother-esque twist, Noorul has been planted in the competition as a ‘mole’ for Sir Alan. This will suddenly be revealed to all in the final week to shocked faces (those who have been mean to Noorul) and knowing nods (those who have been mean to Noorul but are so arrogant that they have convinced themselves they knew all along – maybe Ben and Philip?).


In all honesty though, right now I would settle for Lorraine, Ben, Philip or Noorul disappearing from our screens, but we shall see.


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