The Apprentice – Some Firey Performances Prove to be the Best Ingredients for the Show

The Apprentice finally got its ‘zing’ back last week. So, if you gave up hope the week before and refused to continue watching it, as I almost did, I would highly recommend that you catch up on i-player and tune in again this Wednesday.


I think it’s officially clear that the application process for the show doesn’t involve any group tasks. I honestly cannot imagine how on earth Noorul slipped through the net otherwise. Normally I would spend most of the article damning the producers for picking yet another candidate who clearly could never actually do the job they are applying for with any success. However, in this case, his lack on any leadership or management qualities whatsoever was so entertaining that I almost don’t blame the producers for adding him into the line up.


He certainly wins funniest moment of the series so far when his whole team looked delighted to win the task and he was sat there with them at the board room table frowning, furious that Sir Alan could have the audacity to suggest that his team’s success was nothing to do with his leadership.


Now, I’m never afraid to mock people for displaying absolute stupidity on national television, however I honestly think that almost anyone could have easily made the sandalwood/cedarwood mistake. The point is that although Paula did mix up these two ingredients, and maybe she wasn’t the cliché, slightly manly, aggressive and bulldog female candidate who normally excels at this show, I really thought she had a lot going for her. She showed a lot of creativity during this task, and also enormous self restraint, never exploding when things started to go wrong, and I am quite sad that we won’t get to see what she could have been capable of in future tasks.


This was definitely the week of being able to sympathise with the candidates. Elsewhere, Philip’s annoyance with the indecisive Kimberly was actually understandable. And Lorraine was not particularly effective at breaking up the brawl. I think most people would start to get frustrated working with those two.


However, it would be nice to see at least one of the candidates start to act with a little dignity for a change. Sometimes you suddenly realise that most of what we are presented with is so awful that the occasional brawl almost goes unnoticed. But, to my mind, Philip’s little eruption over Kimberly’s incompetence was no less excusable just because the other candidates around him were all behaving so utterly unprofessionally.


Speaking of a complete lack of dignity, now we come to the much talked-about Ben. If Ben’s on the losing team this week and does not get fired, I will be very disappointed in Sir Alan. He has no redeeming qualities and in a real-life work environment I would rather work with Noorul. For all of his indecisiveness and complete lack of control or assertiveness, Noorul is far less irritating than Ben and at least he wouldn’t get in the way. Ben’s attitude would create such disruption that he would not last a day in a normal office and would very soon either be sued for threatening behaviour of fired for disorderly conduct.


Ben has shown us nothing but arrogance, pig-headedness and a high degree of selfishness. He refuses to step up when it comes to anything which may go wrong, keeping well out of the way when it came to the assigned costs task he was given. He’s quite happy to arrogantly shove the blame for team mistakes to anyone whomever he considers the most vulnerable, and his aggressive, nasty, ‘macho’ talk before he goes into the boardroom crosses the line from entertaining to so frustrating that you just want to press the mute button.


For next week, I’m very interested to see where the Kimberly story line takes us. I think her personality is going to start to come out and, by the looks of things this week, she is going to be another disappointment as far as a candidate for a job is concerned but quite a delight for the entertainment factor. However, I actually hope I am wrong, as so far there is more than enough people taking part who could only possibly have been chosen for our entertainment; its starting to become a bit too predictable.


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