The Apprentice – The Mysteries of Majid and The Moan Machine

Why on earth was one team on The Apprentice running around London with a rather large guitar amplifier on Wednesday? Oh no, wait a minute, it’s a new piece of home fitness equipment. Of course it is, and it’s exactly what my home has been missing. Yep, let again there was plenty of stupidity for me to discuss in The Apprentice this week.         


Let’s try and start on a positive note though. I’ve not been her biggest fan in the past, but I think Debra, leader of the team which did not design a guitar amp, did a decent job this week. Nick’s main criticism was of her tendency to micro-manage. However, if you are responsible for the success or failure of a collective group of morons then I think micro-managing is a necessary evil.


Look at what happened to James, leader of the losing team. His biggest mistake, ironically, was his lack of micro-management. I personally didn’t think that that the failure of his team was his responsibility in this case. And the most frustrating thing is that he didn’t bring up the main reason why it was not his responsibility in the board room. He clearly told Ben (ew, by the way, you are NOT all that to look at) and the other members of the ‘production’ team to keep the design simple. Then they went and designed this ridiculous contraption which contained everything from a giant spring, a step and an elastic pulley.


Hopefully somewhere he did tell Sir Alan about this error though and this is just another case of us not being shown some vital scenes during an episode. And this is certainly how I felt about Majid’s departure. Don’t get me wrong, I do get annoyed when the producers make it blatantly obvious throughout an episode which candidate is going to get fired, with all of the person’s blunders constantly on display.  However, in this instance I felt that we did not get enough of a sense as to why on earth Majid was fired.


It’s not that I wanted him to stay, I didn’t like him from Episode 1, but I never really got to see that he wasn’t bothering to contribute much to the tasks, which is apparently the reason why he was fired on Wednesday. Perhaps his lack of screen time was supposed to signal this, but there were others on his team this week who were on show just as, if not more infrequently, such as Howard. To the audience, Majid’s lack of screen time doesn’t automatically symbolise his small contribution to the task, it is only symbolic of poor production when a candidate get fired for a mistake we did not even realised he was making.


One thing we were certainly made of aware of however is the other candidates’ distinct lack of faith in poor old Lorraine. From the uncomfortable moment when it was clear that no one trusted her to be the team leader, to the many faces pulled when she was presenting for the team, I couldn’t help but feel slightly sorry for the woman. I do think this is going to be an interesting one to watch next week.


However there was one knight in shining armour that came to her rescue in the boardroom, and that was none other than Philip the moan machine. Except that he was surprisingly positive during this episode. Or maybe the producers are playing with our minds again and they just cut out all of his negativity this time, but it is still lurking somewhere in the shadows.


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