Britain’s Got Talent – Never Judge A Boyle by It’s Cover

I’m not going to blame only myself for my expectations of the now infamous Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent last Saturday. Every week on shows like this, characters very similar to Susan are humiliated for our entertainment. On the X Factor they even bring the worst of them back in the final episode to do a collective, deafening rendition of some wailing ballad.


The producers of BGT clearly set the whole thing up so that we were expecting her to be a dreadful singer. I highly doubt that one of the only things she said in the interview before singing was that she’d never been kissed before. Who would honestly want to brag about that on national television? In fact, I wouldn’t be too surprised if the producers saw an opportunity here once they’d heard her sing (remember the renditions in front of the three judges isn’t the first time these people are heard/seen performing) and afterwards asked her to say things like this.


So, don’t feel bad if you did judge the book purely by its cover and by what it was encouraged to say before it sang; I’m certainly not going to. I’m just going to be extra cynical about the production of these shows from now on. It’s a shame how much we are forced as a society to never take things the way they are clearly being fed to us. We constantly have to have our guard up.


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